Open Letter:

The Right Honourable Boris Johnson, MP Prime Minister of Her Britannic Majesty’s Government

Sur Excellence Monsieur Emanuel Macron le Président de la République Française

An Frau Bundeskanzlerin der Bundesrepublik Deutschland


His Excellency Antonio Manuel de Oliveira Guterres

Secretary General of the United Nations

Frau Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen

President of the European Commission

Honorables, the theocratic criminal regime of the Islamic Republic in Iran, which has been in power for the past 42 years, still continues its rule of terror in that country. The despotic regime is employing all its evil forces to suppress the people, destroy the ancient culture of the land and take our homeland to the verge of an malicious abyss

It would not have escaped anyone’s notice that relationship between the Islamic Republic in Iran and the West, particularly the United States of America, has never been cordial and has continued to deteriorate in recent months

At the same time one should note the vigorous hatred propagated by the Islamic Regime in Iran against the State of Israel, a country with which it even does not share a border, diligently expressed in regular recitations of “marg bar Israel”, (Death to Israel) during stage-managed demonstrations or after Friday sermons in the mosques by the government-appointed clerics when they express the slogan of “Wipe Israel off the map”. Alongside all of this hostility to Israel, there is programmed enhancement of Anti-Semitism, which has become part of the state ideology and revolutionary identity of the Islamic theocracy.

According to indications by the International Atomic Energy Agency, the Islamic Republic in Iran is secretly continuing to plan for acquiring nuclear weapons of mass destruction, and a plant hidden in the mountains is being built

as replacement for the nuclear facility in Natanz, which was badly damaged past summer.

The Islamic Republic in Iran is an hegemony of political Islam, a variant of outrageous totalitarianism, which considers itself entitled to use all means for its supremacy and its expansion. This Mafia-type system is totally anti-democratic and completely indifferent to Iran’s national or cultural interests and the values derived from the tenets of democracy. Illicit provision of funds and weapons to terrorist groups in the region and the rest of the world is part of this disruptive strategy of the Iranian Regime, and a serious threat to the world peace and security, but particularly in Europe.

The relationship between the Islamic Republic and the Islamic State (ISIS) has been questionable to say the least from the start. It is a fact that there are significant similarities in modus operandi between the Islamic Republic and the extremist jihadists of Salafis and Sunnis. This could be particularly observed in the domains of treatise, fundamentalist attitudes towards faith, propagation of the Sharia law, the macroeconomic methods operated organizationally and the use of iniquitous violence against opponents. All characteristics of the ISIS correspond closely to the model of the Islamic Republic as proposed and implemented by Khomeini, with the difference that the Islamic State (ISIS) acts more overtly and explicitly.

The legend of portraying Qassem Soleimani as the champion of the defeat of ISIS is no more than a spurious invention. The man had no special skills in broad and direct battlegrounds, and his claim to fame was enhancing of the position of the Quds Brigade in sabotage methods and covert intelligence operations. The ISIS was often even supported in order to advance his own cause, and there is evidence of connections still existing between the Quds Brigade and the remnants of ISIS.

Let us now consider the series of Islamists-rooted violence that rocked Europe in the recent weeks. The fatal knife attack on the homosexual couple in Dresden, the beheading of Samuel Paty, a teacher near Paris, the attack on a church in Nice, shooting of a priest in Lyon and now the shootings and murder of passers-by in Vienna are incidents requiring much further scrutiny. With the publication of the new caricatures in France and the clear stance of the French government in defence of freedom of expression and artistic freedom, a new wave of Islamic terrorism among Islamists in Europe is highly suspected. The possibility of such a threat in Germany should be taken very seriously too.

Is it not absurd that despite all said, Europe, but Germany, France and England in particular, are still supporting the Islamic Republic, as they have for the past decades? Is it not very striking that, regardless of the atrocities committed against one’s own people, a good political and economic relationship is still pursued with the regime of the Mullahs, with all its terrorist activities in the world?

In view of the hopeless economic situation the Islamic Republic, mainly due to the strategy of the US government, the regime in Tehran is at the end of its

debauched life both domestically and globally. The regime’s foreign policy is completely at the end of its tethers and its internal situation in a permanent “state of stress” that makes endurance absolutely unpredictable. It is high time that the European Community, but particularly Germany, France and England, end all collaboration with the regime of the Islamic Republic in Iran and concentrate on supporting the struggle of the citizens of Iran for dissolution of the dictatorship and establishment of democracy and rule of law and order.

An appeal is made hereby to the Federal Government Germany, the Government of the French Republic and the Her Britannic Majesty’s Government for the revision of their policy towards the Islamic Republic that unlawfully usurped the power in Iran as an absolutely important and urgent agenda. It is crucial that the strategic consideration of the European countries should go beyond the short-term economic interests. The Iranian Nation will never forget which governments supported them in their fight against the criminal regime of despots and criminals in Iran and who made this regime prolong its wretched existence.

Kindly accept my regards,

Very faithfully yours

Dr. Bahram Abar

Nov. 24. 2020

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